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Menopause & Wellbeing

The menopause is not optional! Some women can sail through this life transition whilst others experience debilitating symptoms. Hormonal changes can affect mental and physical health. Psychological and social factors have a role to play in how well we deal with any changes.

Sleep issues

Irritability & sadness

Anxiety & stress

Difficulty concentrating & making decisions

Low mood & depression

Lack of Self esteem & low confidence

Feeling inadequate

Negative body image

Worry about the aging process

Physical and mental changes can cause emotional strain, further exacerbating any feelings of low self esteem and feelings of being out of control.

therapy for menopause and wellbeing

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Find Your Inner Joy Again

NLP and hypnotherapy form part of the menopause programme I offer. You can regain control of your mind and body, enjoy better sleep and feel calmer and more relaxed.

We explore any limiting beliefs and unconscious thoughts to create a plan to suit you.

Add to this the pressure women feel to act and look a certain way and it’s no wonder that so many menopausal women feel overwhelmed. The changes within the body and the mind can feel too much to deal with. Self esteem can plummet as you face weight gain and a changing body. Lack of sleep impacts on the ability to function and think properly.

The web is full of ‘helpful’ information on what a menopausal woman should wear, how a woman over 50 should style her hair and colours to avoid after a certain age! Dress how you want, have your hair as long or as wildly coloured as you choose. You are you and unique with it. Denying yourself your personality and uniqueness leaves you in a quandary over who to please – please yourself, be yourself and make no apologies for it!

Studies have found a correlation between repeated negative thought patterns and management of discomfort. Changing how we think about discomfort, brain fog and other symptoms has an important effect on our lives. Knowing you and what is right for you will bring you an inner happiness and the right to be who you are.

Menopause Wellbeing Programme

A personal programme to help you deal with life’s challenges and concerns. What you receive during the programme –

  • Treatment plan to suit you and your individual needs and lifestyle
  • Practical mind tools that you can use immediately
  • Tips to feel calm in any situation
  • Clever tools to enjoy restful and rejuvenating sleep
  • Weight Management help
  • Removal of blockages holding you back in your life
  • Supporting visuals and highly effective mind demonstrations
  • The support and knowledge of an experienced, friendly therapist

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I look forward to helping you – here’s to your success!


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