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Plagued with the panic of sick phobia?

I will help you overcome Emetophobia. People from across the UK seek my help to beat this debilitating phobia. Read the empowering stories below to discover how you can beat it too.

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Rosie conquers the nightmare of living with Emetophobia

I rang Claire on a Saturday morning, in floods of tears at how awful my life had become, plagued with worry and panic attacks due to Emetophobia

6 sessions on and I now see life in a totally different way. Claire helped me realise that all that I thought was happening “to me” I was actually putting upon myself! There is still work to be done, but thanks to Claire my sleeping is better, my thinking is better, and my life is slowly becoming what I wanted it to be – not the nightmare I was once living in!

If your looking for a therapist who will guide you through making the changes to your OWN life, then look no further! This isn’t a sit back and listen type of support, you engage, challenge and test yourself. YOU make your own results, how far you go is how far you push yourself with Claire’s guidance and understanding. Which makes the whole thing even more rewarding as it becomes clear that you ARE in control of your life, no one else, and the possibilities are endless!


Rachel says a weight has been lifted from her shoulders

I found the sessions interesting and intriguing. I learned a lot about myself and in between sessions my confidence grew. The sessions were tailored to me as an individual and I wasn’t pushed and if I needed to go through something again this was fine. The exercises were also particularly helpful.

I confided that I had been ‘doing’ emetophobia to my best friend, without the sessions there is no doubt that I wouldn’t have done this. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Right from the moment I met you I have relaxed. I didn’t feel judged and I felt at ease as if you knew exactly how I was feeling which helped me in the end to convince myself that this was something that I could overcome.

I rang you at a particularly low moment after visiting my doctor (who had literally laughed in my face). As soon as I had made the appointment I had a surge of relief. Thank you.


Lucy’s victory over her sick phobia

I found the sessions enlightening. It was comforting to hear about other people with emetophobia and how easily it can be helped. Learning about myself and my personality gave depth and background in helping with my phobia.


Fiona is amazed by the results

There aren’t enough stars here to truly show just how incredible Claire is! I was at a real low point and can’t believe how far I have come with Claire’s assistance. Claire is a true professional whilst making you feel relaxed and at ease. If you are wondering whether to use Claire’s services then go for it…you will be amazed by the results!


Sarah is loving life free of her phobia

I was nervous at my first session but Claire was great and put me at my ease straight away. I really felt so much more positive after my first session and began to believe that I could overcome my phobia and improve my life.

I now believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and learning this one fact has enabled me to take on new challenges such as starting up my own business with confidence. I’ve learned so much about myself that has allowed me to cope better with previously scary or stressful situations.

I used to say that I suffered from emetophobia, like I was a victim of this uncontrollable thing. After my sessions with Claire I now understand that my phobia stems from mismanaged thinking and that I have the power to control how and what I think about. These sessions have given me back control over my life and as a result I feel so positive about the future.



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