Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia

At last - a solution for Emetophobia

What is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia is an intense fear of illness or being sick. The people I help overcome their sick phobia are always surprised at just how common it is. Of course most people don’t tell anyone they have emetophobia. Why? – because they feel silly or embarrassed. My clients previously…

  • Avoided public places –  cinema, concerts, restaurants etc
  • Were always on the lookout for danger zones, carrying hand sanitizer everywhere
  • Constantly listening out for any bugs doing the rounds

It’s an exhausting life with the fear of sickness controlling most if not all aspects of the person’s life. Now they are free to stay over at friends’ houses, enjoy parties and social events, pick their children up from school, enjoy meals out and generally feel in control of their lives again.

You don’t have to live with your sick phobia – after all you weren’t born with it! You are only born with 2 fears – the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Everything else has been created which means you can uncreate it! Find out how…

hypnotherapy for Emetophobia gloucester with claire mcnulty

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Emetophobia hypnosis success story

Lauren’s emetophobia was so bad that she couldn’t even take her little boy out – in just a few weeks all that has changed…

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Hypnosis for Emetophobia Gloucester

Emetophobia, the fear of being sick, although hardly ever heard of, is in fact very common with approximately 3 million sufferers in the UK alone. Often when people consult me for help, they have tried just about everything to rid themselves of this debilitating fear.

Once we uncover the causes of your phobia it will start to have less of an impact on your life.

Why is the hypnosis so successful in treating Emetophobia?

During your sessions we address your primary limiting beliefs. We also work on your self esteem, social anxiety and removing subconscious blockages. Knowledge is power and with your newfound knowledge you are then empowered to use the skills and resources I teach you to help you overcome your phobia.

Have a read here about a young lady’s experience of this phobia. She has been suffering from emetophobia for many years.  Her life was limited as she was afraid to drive long distances or on motorways in case she felt sick. Within a few weeks she completely changed her life and even went on to set up her own business, travelling miles to attend business meetings!

The sessions are undertaken in calm confidential surroundings where you will feel relaxed and at ease, free of any fear of being judged.

Now you really can free yourself of your emetophobia through hypnosis. Having helped numerous sufferers I know only too well the effect this debilitating phobia can have.

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