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Your Anxiety won't stand a chance!

I'm Claire McNulty. I’m passionate about helping people create change.

Perhaps you've tried lots of therapies, self help groups, books and slimming clubs only to find your symptoms remain.

I practice a range of therapies including mind training and clinical hypnosis to ensure excellent results.

We can work face to face in Gloucester or via Skype anywhere in the world.

Did you know you are born with only 2 fears?

People tend to believe they are stuck with their anxiety, fears and phobias, or that they are hereditary. However you are born with just 2 innate fears – loud noises and  falling. Any other fears have been created throughout your life. Because we know you have created these limiting fears, it means you can uncreate them – exciting!

Whether you want to overcome a fear of flying, stop smoking, lose weight, get rid of addictions, anxiety or panic attacks – you've found the right person.

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Claire is brilliant – I just wish I had gone to her sooner! I’m no longer anxious and I have completely changed my life around. I am finally free of fears that were holding me back and I have a very exciting future ahead.

Becky, Essex

Having struggled for 40 years with anxiety, panic attacks and numerous phobias, and trying everything from cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, hands on healing and prescription medication in an effort to overcome it, I had all but given up. A friend recommended Claire. After 6 amazing sessions, I feel like a different person! If you are reading this, and wanting to change your life, give Claire a call, you won't regret it

Jenny, Glos

you gave me tools to use that made it easier to cope - most importantly to be aware. It was a really beneficial time. 

Adam, Forest of Dean


Claire is incredible. I saw her 5 years ago and she helped me to realise the power of my mind and how I can change the way I feel about certain situations. Just recently my son suddenly started to suffer with anxiety, after a few sessions with Claire the difference in him is amazing.
I simply cannot recommend Claire enough - she will help you to change your life!

Nikki, Gloucestershire

Just to say I've managed to get about a stone off since I saw you last. The biggest change being that I joined the gym and now no longer have a fear of joining in classes. I've lost 20 inches overall! Thank you so much for helping me change my mind set.

Rebecca, Stroud

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Discreet private therapy

Discreet service in Gloucestershire with bespoke sessions tailored to your individual needs. Therapy practice preferred by well-known faces and celebrities and by those who prefer that extra privacy. A popular choice with those who may otherwise travel to places such as Harley Street for hypnosis, therapy and hypnotherapy.


I have put together a useful guide packed with tips to show you how to use your mind to achieve your goals. Get your FREE copy HERE and choose just one of the 15 tips to start creating a mindset for success, happiness and health.

Why people contact me
People contact me for many reasons:
Like them perhaps anxiety, stress or panic attacks are holding you back?
Is a fear, phobia or depression getting in the way of your success?
Maybe you wish to lose weight and enjoy life as a slimmer, more confident person?
Or perhaps you're fed up of not feeling good about yourself and want more confidence and self esteem?
Often people want to overcome an addiction, eating disorder or just feel better about yourself.

I help people every day with the above symptoms so they can enjoy life once more. I will get the best results for you in as short a time as possible, in fact many of my clients find that they start to feel better just from talking to me at the initial phone call or consultation! Book your complimentary consultation here

"made a huge difference to my life. I now feel less anxious, less stressed and less plagued by negative, unwanted thoughts" Lydia Gloucester see more

Why is my success rate so high?
Since qualifying as a therapist in 1999 I have continued to enhance my skills and expertise - all the treatments I practise are designed to offer fast effective results. The style and delivery of my sessions ensures the fastest results possible. My approach is gentle yet direct, knowledgeable yet psychobabble free.

With first-hand experience of all the techniques that I offer I can vouch for their effectiveness. By using these approaches I have created a life of abundance and happiness for myself and my family and look forward to helping you do the same.

Make today the day
Imagine you’re about to go on holiday to your dream destination, you’re at the airport, suncream packed, boarding pass in your hand. Now imagine the steward calling out your name for boarding. And you find yourself thinking ‘now’s not the right time I’ll wait’ .

And you know what would happen - you would miss out on your dream holiday and add it to another goal on your ‘one day’ list.

The next step
It’s easier than you think to get on board and start living the life you want – call me today on 07765 182127 or 01452 750646. Make today 'the day’ and start the journey to achieving your goals. It's only a phone call away so pick up that phone and make that call.Or you can book your complimentary consultation here. I look forward to helping you

To your success