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Feeling overwhelmed or that it’s all too much?

Suffering from a work related set back or change in your working environment?

Is your self-belief and confidence suffering?

Feel that you’re under achieving or not motivated?

Struggling with stress, anxiety or imposter syndrome?

You have found the right place to help you!

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Mindset Coaching for Business Owners & Executives

When you feel stressed and anxious it affects your ability to think properly. Making decisions becomes difficult and can lead to costly mistakes.

Removing stress and anxiety from your life is like having a heavy rucksack removed from your shoulders. It feels like having a clean fresh slate in your life!

I work with managers, stressed executives, managing directors and business owners and am renowned for getting results.

Using successful and proven interventions, I help you to identify and remove any limiting beliefs holding you back from success. By removing unhealthy thought patterns and past blockages you will enjoy improved focus, wellbeing and a success mindset.

My Programme Helps With

  • Learn how to use your mind and thought processes to create success.
  • Discover simple ways to reprogramme your mind.
  • Create a growth mindset
  • Feel motivated and in control of your life
  • Learn how to use your mind to visualise and create success
  • Focus on reaching your goals.
  • Deal with stress or anxiety whatever the situation
  • Create your own relaxation and gain clarity of thought and good decision making.
  • Get rid of imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy
  • Healthy work/life balance
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Why Should My Company Hire a Therapist?

Is your business under performing?

Communication breaking down?

Is performance affected by stress, low motivation and absenteeism?

Are you or your staff feeling undervalued?

Are costly mistakes and mindless errors building up?

A Successful Business is Created by the Mindset of its People

Stress, burnout and mental health issues are plaguing the workforce. More and more staff leave their employment due to anxiety, stress, feeling undervalued and mental health concerns.

Existing staff struggle with increased workloads until replacements are 1) sourced 2) recruited and 3) trained.  The costs of decreased productivity and new staff training can take its toll on companies and profits.

Demands for mental health services in the workplace are on the increase.

2.5 million people in the UK alone are not working due to ill health

£15.7 billion pounds is the cost to the economy in loss of taxes and benefits.

What is the COST to you?

Long term ill health, absenteeism, stress, burnout and depression are extremely damaging with catastrophic effects.


Stress Solutions, Burnout Resolutions, Anxiety Treatments & Depression Remedies

In these uncertain times, providing mental health support is less of a choice but more of a necessity, to ensure your company prospers.

Hiring a therapist shows staff that you value their well being. It also helps to reduce the stigma of reaching out for help.

Privacy concerns can deter the use of on-site therapy resources

The best solution is to outsource to an independent specialist. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Online private and confidential therapy

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Mind Coaching for Companies & Business Owners

Create a success mindset in your workplace. Contented and valued staff contribute to the success of their workplace. Workplace independence promotes confidence, self esteem, accountability and motivation.

Programmes available to help with:

Executive Burnout

Removing blockages to success

Limiting self beliefs

Motivation & Mindset

Self esteem & Social anxiety

Decision making

Anxiety & Stress

Healthy Work/Life balance and much more

Success Mind Coaching

Success mind coaching is the perfect solution with coaching programmes tailored to the people and needs of your organisation.

I work with companies to identify concerns and put effective strategies in place, dealing with issues such as –

Return to work, disputes and conflicts, time management and accountability, communication and empathy, anxiety and stress, resilience and managing pressure – In fact any issues that are affecting productivity, attendance and the success of your organisation.

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how to create a more positive workplace

Invest in Your People

Work related stress can result in difficulty concentrating and making decisions, lack of motivation, feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Stress and anxiety are commonplace in the workplace with people often not reaching out for help for fear of being judged.

Without interventions you may experience decreased performance and effectiveness, increased illness and absenteeism.

Future Proof Your Company & Profits

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