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Do you -

Constantly think about your addiction, unable to think clearly?

Worry about your behaviour but push it to the back of your mind, persuading yourself that it's not that bad - everyone does it?

Convince yourself that the 'reward' far outweighs the damaging impact on your health, finances, relationships and work-life?

The good news is you weren't born with your addiction and you don't have to keep doing it! Perhaps you know someone, a friend or colleague, who has beaten their addiction and is enjoying life just as much, if not more, than before.

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Claire McNulty My Addiction Programme is very successful for cocaine addiction, gambling and gaming addictions.

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Perhaps you are feeling out of control with your addiction. Maybe you worry about ever becoming free. You may find you feel ashamed and look for ways to cover up your secret. The fact you are reading this shows that you are ready to free yourself

Addiction or Distraction

Most people use their "addiction" to escape from their emotions and the worries or stresses of life. It's a wonderful distraction - whether its eating, gambling, taking drugs or drinking -  whereby you are avoiding something and no longer have to think about it. You immediately feel less stressed, less anxious less bored and to top it all get an immediate buzz.

The aftermath can often be one of feeling guilty, ashamed and even more out of control.

Helping people free themselves from addictions and addictive behaviour including

  • gambling and gaming addiction
  • stopping smoking
  • controlling your alcohol
  • cocaine or other drug addiction
  • sugar or food addiction. 

Freedom From Addiction Programme

I offer a specialised Addiction Free programme to help you get back in control. By uncovering the beliefs and the needs that these beliefs support we can change the destructive cycle of this negative behaviour. Sessions are empowering and insightful and include some surprising demonstrations on thoughts and motor action.

Over the course of your programme you will understand yourself and your thought processes and gain valuable skills to control them. This means you will be able to enjoy being in control of your life again. 

If you are ready to become free of your addiction then call me today for a complimentary telephone or 1:1 consultation. We can then tailor your Addiction Free Programme.

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