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Ready to rid yourself of anxiety and panic for good?

I will show you how to successfully beat anxiety using mind training and hypnosis.

I’ve helped people across the globe to conquer anxiety and defeat panic – now you can too.

Read these powerful testimonials to discover just how great life can be

Carli replaces dreading each day with a life of happiness, confidence and optimism.

Fantastic experience. I now look forward to each day instead of dreading what might happen. I have not had an anxiety attack or worried over silly uncontrollable things since. Claire is a very good listener and easy to talk to. She seems to know exactly how you feel. My life is definitely enhanced. I am happier, stronger and able to deal with situations better. I feel braver, much more confident and optimistic. Thank you again so much x x

Nikki changed her mind and changed her life

Claire is incredible. I saw her 5 years ago and she helped me to realise the power of my mind and how I can change the way I feel about certain situations. Just recently my son suddenly started to suffer with anxiety, after a few sessions with Claire the difference in him is amazing.
I simply cannot recommend Claire enough - she will help you to change your life!

Mark is now in control of his life - you can be too!

I've taken control and deal with all challenges better. I think differently, am positive and enjoy life more. I felt comfortable and at ease with all our discussions. The exercises are excellent and I highly recommend!!

Jenny overcomes 40 years of anxiety in just 6 hours!

Having struggled for 40 years with anxiety, panic attacks and numerous phobias, and trying everything from cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, hands on healing and prescription medication in an effort to overcome it, I had all but given up. A friend recommended Claire after I failed to turn up to yet another promised meet up. After 6 amazing sessions I feel like a different person! Claire's mindset training had me challenging myself from day one, the relaxation session was the most relaxed I have been in a long time. If you are reading this, and wanting to change your life, give Claire a call, you won't regret it

Richard says his sessions were life changing

It changed my way of thinking. I have a clearer view of everything. I always left feeling uplifted. I'm more confident, more positive. Very relaxing and friendly. In a word - life changing. I would, and have, recommended to friends.

Jill is delighted to find a solution for the anxiety that was overtaking her life

Claire is amazingly professional but very caring. My feelings and symptoms were understood as perfectly normal and there was an easy to understand explanation as to how and why I thought that way. Sessions were provoking but in a safe, non judgemental environment. I always relaxed and a box of tissues was always on hand too!

Jill company Director

Becky feels great and is no longer anxious

Claire is brilliant...I just wish I had gone to her sooner! I'm no longer anxious and I have completely changed my life around. I am finally free of fears that were holding me back and I have a very exciting future ahead.

Shaun overcomes his gambling addiction

I learned different ways of thinking and controlling myself. At the start I didn't think it would work. The more we talked the more I could think about it and get rid of fake hopes cos I'm in control now. I feel in control and powerful and am now planning my future. Claire is relaxing, friendly, fun - also chilled and easy to talk to.

Charley felt her anxiety was taking over her life and just wanted to be happy again…

This treatment has been fantastic. I didn’t believe it at first as I was constantly worrying and anxiety was getting me down. Now I am not longer doing anxiety!

I loved coming on a Monday to see Claire, I felt relaxed with her. On my first session I felt different after leaving the room. I felt ‘normal’ within myself. I have learnt how to manage my thinking and to cope with situations better.

Would definitely recommend Claire to a friend or to anyone who is suffering and letting anxiety take over their life, put a stop to it now and go to see Claire, worth the money all day long.

Charley, 23, Carer, Gloucester

Sue not only lost weight she also created a life of happiness and success – in just 6 weeks…

I loved how fast my mindset changed after our discussions each week. I looked forward to sharing what I’d achieved each week and seeing how each part of life improved as a result of the ideas and techniques Claire helped me put into practice.

I’ve banished negative thoughts, have high self esteem and choose to be capable and happy.

As a result I’ve signed up to complete my MSc after deferring for 2 years and am learning to drive because I know I can do it! Without putting myself though diets I’ve also managed to lose 1 stone already and know the final stone will follow steadily behind – because I’ve re-found my love of running and no longer feel the need to eat a lot of junk food.

I found it easy to be open and honest. The lovely building gave a relaxed, private and calm atmosphere.

Sue, 35

Liz feels lighter and worry free

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Claire. She herself was so friendly and welcoming. Whist still remaining professional. I think Claire is awesome. Very inspiring. My actual session was brilliant. I felt so relaxed and chilled out. I left feeling as though I didn't have a single worry in the world. Thank you again Claire.

Catherine feels like a new person! As a nurse her symptoms of urge incontinence and migraines were taking over her life

 “I enjoyed the 1:1 sessions with Claire. The practical research and Claire’s way of ‘opening up’ the mind is a good combination.

Amazingly after my first session, I was able to benefit from my inner control and believe I had control over my bladder. I used to ‘have’ to use the toilet at least hourly and after my first session I was in control and was able to leave it longer and longer, giving me freedom from ‘having’ to know where toilets are!

I feel like a new person, quite strange but empowering to only use the toilet 3-4 hourly after such frequent visits before and lots of different treatments for years. Amazing! The mind is an amazing thing and look forward to continuing to be in control of my own health and freedom!”

Catherine, nurse, Gloucestershire

Amber aged 19 consulted with many anxieties which were hampering her life. She now feels in control of her life.

"Claire’s kindness and understanding helped me to identify and overcome my inner anxieties. Claire’s treatment has made a huge difference to my life – I no longer worry as much and I take every opportunity I am given. I now have a new perspective on life and Claire has enabled me to live my life to the full and not to let any inhibiting thoughts get in the way. I would urge anyone considering seeing Claire to do so without hesitation. She not only helps you to overcome your problem but shows you how to deal with any other anxieties or fears that are present in your life or may come up in the future. I now feel in control of my life.

Claire has given me more confidence than I have ever had.  She has never made me feel judged and has give me a wealth of support and encouragement to progress and improve myself."

John enjoyed learning how to change his thinking to get the life he deserves

Sessions were very relaxed and frank. Enjoyed understanding my feelings through discussions. Feel mentally stronger – not having to justify myself – greater self belief. The visual aids and reference books were excellent. It’s great to have someone like you help retrain your mind to think differently & apply simple techniques to see yourself in the world as a better person.

John, Glos

Andrew went from a lifetime of headaches and stress to a life full of happiness It was great to run through all of the issues that were affecting my well being. Mostly it was nice to speak to someone who was so positive and encouraging.

I was suffering at the time with constant headaches, brought on by stress which affected my ability to function in my work effectively as well as impacting on my personal life. I am much happier and have no limit on how happy I can be – and no headaches.

As with most things, I was a little unsure after the first session, though that was likely because of my negativity. So glad I went on with the total program as it really has changed my whole focus and I have developed a very positive vibe that I know will stay with me.

Thank you Claire            Andrew 41 Gloucester

Lydia used to worry constantly about her health and had many OCD symptoms – now she has rid herself of those symptoms and is happier and more relaxed... I found my sessions very interesting and insightful. I enjoyed the examples Claire gave such as chevreuls pendulum. I always left my sessions feeling revived and positive.The sessions have made a huge difference to my life. I now feel less anxious, less stressed and less plagued by negative, unwanted thoughts. On starting the course I realised I had scored very highly 24/30 on the locus of control quiz and very highly on low self esteem, social anxiety and all of the thinking styles.

Because I now recognise this, I am able to change my thinking and stop myself from brooding about things I have no control over and that are unhelpful for me to brood about. I now feel much happier, less anxious and stressed and more relaxed about life in general.

The course helped me with my obsessive symptoms that I realised I was just doing for control, to try and control how I was thinking and what I thought would happen in the future. I have now stopped these OCD symptoms (counting, touching things x 3) because I understand why I was doing it and that doing it now has no effect on my day. I thought it would be difficult to stop this but it took just a few days when I understood my thinking.         Lydia, Gloucester

Dave is now employed, happy and confident ... Hi Claire, I don't know if you remember me, I saw you around autumn-time last year. Thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how I'm getting on. Well, good news! I've got myself a full-time permanent job. At one time I wouldn’t have even considered applying as would have considered it too challenging and beyond my capability! - Had to do 3 practical exercises, 15 mins for each (setting up a device, observation test and a role play) followed by a ten minute presentation and finally the interview itself.

I wanted to say thanks for your help, it has really helped, I have more belief in myself, my confidence is amazingly higher, I’m no longer anxious and am generally more focused and more determined. I am finally living and enjoying life again

Thanks        Dave 

Charlotte is finally enjoying life and found the process easy!... I now enjoy life which I don’t think I did before. I can appreciate what I have and what I can do. I’m no longer desperate. I’m so grateful for being empowered. It’s all so simple really if you’ve got someone to show you the way.  Thank you so much.   Charlotte

Ann loves her 'legacy tools' & her life is now anxiety free... "Sessions were relaxing, comfortable and I left each one feeling as though something had been accomplished. It’s left me with what I call ‘legacy tools’. Subconsciously something comes into my thoughts now when I encounter anxious situations that allows me to cope. Thanks Claire! You’ve made a difference for me!" More anxiety testimonials here

Hannah has her life back & is full of confidence...“Claire is very professional and makes you very relaxed ....... I have my life back. I would definitely recommend it to others – truly amazing. Thank you Claire” More Confidence testimonials here

Emma overcomes her Anxiety and wedding nerves... "This has been a revelation and has changed my way of thinking for the better. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation and letting go of emotion.  I felt terrified to walk down the aisle and talk in front of all our guests. With Claire’s help I now feel  calm and composed and ready to enjoy my wedding day."

The big day! Emma’s Wedding...

wedding_em (2) wedding_em&mum (2)

"Claire! I did it! Calm and composed walking up the aisle. I said all my vows without anxiety and even took over the end of Mark’s speech when he got emotional! I cannot thank you enough for how you helped me, you are an angel!"  Emma x

Jan overcomes low Self Esteem and Worthlessness... I didn't really know what I wanted I just knew things weren't right with me and life wasn't really where I wanted to be. Claire picked up on my differing thoughts and found a way forward for me. I never knew I could change things in such a short time. I'm so glad I set out on this journey and am now looking forward to my future. Thank you.          Jan Jackson, Gloucester   More Confidence testimonials here

Charlotte is Panic attack free following hypnotherapy... I went to Claire to get help with my panic attacks and anxiety that I'd had for about 3 years and was slowly getting worse. It was to the point that walking up the street was a real challenge for me. After 6 sessions with Claire I am now back to and better than my old self. The anxiety is now under control and I am now more confident and have more self esteem. I can't thank Claire enough. I would recommend her to anyone and have!         Charlotte  More Panic Attack testimonials here

Hypnosis to overcome Anxiety and Emotional Eating... After the initial session I found the sessions relaxing and insightful, feeling more relaxed and content by the end of each session.  People around me have noticed a big difference in me. I am confident and able to go about daily tasks without feeling panicky and stressed. I now go out without worrying beforehand and enjoy my days. I have more energy and am proactive in every way. I am now living my life instead of just existing!
Thank you very much for your help. I have suggested hypnotherapy to 2 people – I hope they do it!        Pam Aitken-Marsh, 36   More anxiety testimonials here

Mind Training & Hypnosis for Bulimia - 3 years of suffering gone in 3 weeks!... Before my first session I was unsure that hypnotherapy was the way to go but I had been bulimic for three years and it was out of control. Deciding to give it a go was the best decision I have ever made as after only my third session (3 weeks) with Claire I saw clearly how I could change my habits. I have not purged in over 5 weeks and am resolved to keep it up.
Claire was very friendly and immediately put me at my ease. You do need an open mind, be willing to change, and be honest. Without Claire’s help I know I would still be on the same destructive path.
Needless to say I would definitely recommend Claire for anyone needing help and I cannot thank her enough.“
Sue, Gloucester

Mind Training to overcome Depression & negative thoughts... I found the sessions very enlightening and revealing. It was really good to understand why I behave in a certain way and to discover what I could do to change my negative thoughts/behaviours.

I used to have frequent days where I would feel very low and at times somewhat depressed. I can honestly say that since I have started the sessions I have not had any of my low moods and I am feeling so much better about myself. The most important thing I have learnt is that I am responsible for how I feel. It is my own belief system that makes me think and behave in a certain way and I can change any belief which has a negative impact on my life.

The sessions were relaxing and friendly yet Claire always remained professional. I enjoyed reading the Thrive book and wish I had known more about this years ago. I will certainly read the book over and over and will recommend it to my family and friends. I will certainly miss my weekly sessions with Claire.      Barbara, 55, Nurse

Michelle overcomes her Fear of flying using hypnosis... Sessions were informative and enabled me to reflect on how I thought about flying. There was a relaxed atmosphere and I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Claire made me realise that I had the power to change things myself and when I ‘wobbled’ she was able to put me back on the right track.
I have now flown twice and during the flights I was relaxed, able to talk to other passengers. I even ate the inflight meals without feeling sick!!!
I do not feel fearful about flying anymore!    Michelle

Matt is now in control of his life & says its the best thing he's ever done!

Coming to see Claire is the best thing I've ever done.  I felt out of control of my life for a number of years. I have now changed the way I think, it made me realise I'm in control. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who has problems or habits or if there is anything you want to get control of.

This teenager consulted with trichotillomania

Sessions were very beneficial and helped me to realise the errors in my thinking. I now stop myself from ruining my eyelashes. Claire was really friendly and nice! The hypnotherapy was very relaxing

Wendy, aged 31 from Gloucester is now pill free and enjoys life free of IBS and anxiety

I enjoyed learning and understanding myself and finding out how easy it can be to change my beliefs.

I enjoy life and socialising with friends, without having to carry pills and potions in my bag.

I felt very comfortable talking to Claire, lovely relaxed environment, recommending to all my friends.

Wendy, 31, skincare specialist

Worth every penny to feel free again.

Anxiety and panic attacks were taking over my life. It was good to have someone to talk to who understood me and could help me improve my situation. I am now free to enjoy activities without fear or anxiety stopping me. I enjoyed every minute, it’s been worth every penny. Thank you so much Claire! Sharon

Maria overcame her fear of spiders & gained confidence & high self esteem

I found the sessions challenging and thought provoking and ultimately an extremely uplifting experience.

I can now go into the shed and get the mower! My life has been enhanced by an increase in confidence, self esteem and a more positive outlook on life knowing that my life is under my control and anything is possible!

We addressed many of the personal issues I had connected with low self esteem and a feeling of powerlessness. It helped me recognise that my unhelpful thinking styles were clouding my outlook on life.

Thank you so much again for all you did – I am so grateful.  I am missing our sessions already!

Simon enjoys life is in now more relaxed

I felt very relaxed. I now feel more in control. Claire was very friendly and professional.

Simon, 43, Farmer

Adam gained the tools to change his thoughts

I gained tools to use that have made it easier to cope - most importantly to be aware - and then change the mood. It was really beneficial for me.