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The 3 things to know about successful weight loss

All of the people I have helped to lose weight have these 3 things in common –

1. They don’t believe they can lose weight, I hear things like, we’re all big boned in my family, its in my genes
2. They think they’re going to be deprived, that it will be difficult, that life will be boring, meals wont be the same again, slim people must be really miserable
3. They focus on food, I wont eat this today, I’m going to stop buying chocolate from now on

All of the people I have helped with weight loss said they had the same problems before they worked with me.
If this is you, then you can overcome these mental blocks to successful weight loss.

Using a combination of Mind Training and Clinical Hypnotherapy we will

  • Change how you view food and change the belief to I can and I will lose weight
  • Create the mindset of a slim person so weight loss is easy
  • Identify and Remove any blockages from your subconscious mind and focus on your success

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