Gloucestershire Therapy & Hypnotherapy

"Deciding to give it a go was the best decision I have ever made" Sue Gloucester see more  

Treatment Fees
PLEASE NOTE: I currently have a 3 WEEK WAITING LIST. Although I will do my best to see you, the more flexible you can be the easier it is for us to get the ball rolling and get started.

Initial Consultation Telephone or Skype (FREE)
Complimentary consultation to discuss your needs/goals and the various options available to you.


Anxiety Programme   £575
Free yourself from anxiety, panic attacks, fears & phobias. A comprehensive programme of 6 sessions packed with tips and tools so you gain control of your life and manage any situation

Self Esteem Programme £575
Feel great about yourself, develop a high sense of self belief and discover how to value yourself and achieve your goals in just 6 sessions

Weight Loss Programme £475
Lose that unwanted weight in just 5 weeks. Complete weight loss programme designed to change your mindset to that of a slim person and put you back in control of what and when you eat

Hypno-Band™ £475
The No 1 gastric band weight loss programme. Gain control over food in 5 sessions. As Gloucestershire's 1st and longest established licensed Hypno Band practitioner, I have fine tuned this programme for optimum results. As featured on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies more info here 


Individual Session   £135 (£75 for those who have completed a programme)
For those who prefer to work on a session by session 'pay as you go' basis - However I recommend a programme for optimum results and to get the most from your experience (see programmes above)

NEW *Mind DETOX £135 (*£75 for those who have completed a programme)
Incredible treatment to remove blockages from your subconscious mind. An exciting journey of discovery to reveal and transform any negative beliefs and obstacles that are holding you back from living the life you deserve

Mind Training & Life Coaching £135 (*£75 for those who have completed a programme) 
Powerfully motivating & empowering mind programming sessions designed to reframe, recondition and reprogramme your mind. Discover how to use your personality type to your benefit. Get the tools to create change and achieve success.

Clinical Hypnosis (Suggestion therapy) £135 (*£75 for those who have completed a programme)
Deeply relaxing hypnotherapy designed to reframe old ways of thinking and create new habits. Ideal for successful weight loss and freedom from anxiety, fears and phobias

Stop Smoking Easily £225
100 - 120 minute session with this powerful smoking cessation technique. Includes an advanced hypnosis treatment. Designed to achieve immediate results so you can stop smoking easily. A deposit of £75 required on booking. 

*£75 fee only available to those who have completed a programme as we will have worked on the key psychological foundations

Stress Management for businesses & Managing Pressure to Maximise Performance  Bespoke training programmes and workshops tailored to your company's needs and budget. Includes group work and 1:1. Further information here


1. Deposit of £75 required on booking to reserve your session/s. Programmes can be paid in instalments by prior arrangement.
2. As you are paying for my time, no refunds are available for cancellation, including any session(s) or programme fees paid in advance
3. I reserve the right to terminate programmes. In such cases a pro rata refund will be issued
4. Session fee can be paid by BACS or cash
5. As a busy therapist with a waiting list, I operate a strict cancellation policy. This makes it fair for those on my waiting list as I can offer them a cancelled appointment. Appointments are subject to a minimum 48 hours cancellation policy, for cancelling OR rearranging.