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Stop Smoking Success

Ready and motivated to give up smoking?
Then I’ll help you succeed with clinical hypnosis.
I’ve worked with people across the UK to help them quit smoking and stop cravings. For good.
Read these powerful testimonials to discover how easy and effortless it could be for you.

I stopped smoking in just one session!

Hi Claire. I came to see you on March 1st 2011 to receive a stop smoking session. I cannot believe that after 16 attempts of stopping smoking (patches, willpower and gum) in the last 22 years I have quit smoking with one hypnotherapy session!!

Once the session finished I left you and felt confident and in control of my life. Cigarettes no longer dictate my day! I just can’t believe that I am a non smoker and have not had one single craving. I look at people who smoke and cannot ever imagine I used to partake in the habit

Susie's 30 year smoking habit gone in less than 2 hours...

When I booked the appointment I thought that maybe I was hoping for a little too much to break a 30 year habit in one session ……Everything in the session made sense and it felt like the ‘penny had finally dropped’

Steve is bursting with pride at being a non smoker

Thanks again for your support, professionalism and helping me see ‘I make choices and I decide’ what happens to me!!

I can now breathe, taste and have energy.

Dan beats his 25 year nicotine habit

Amazing! Gave up smoking in only 1 session after 25 years of smoking.

Positive & painless plus more confidence says Steve!

I have been trying to stop smoking for a number of years, with varying degrees of success but always falling back into the trap sooner or later. I'd tried will power and some nicotine replacement therapies. I must admit it was with some trepidation that I approached Claire but after having spoken to her on the phone I felt much more at ease and began to look forward to my appointment. The session was educational, positive and painless.
I am now a happy non smoker and feeling a lot calmer, positive and confident in my ability to stay that way.
Thank you Claire

Businessman Simon succeeds in stopping smoking

I found the session logical, clear and enjoyed being hypnotised. I feel more in control and was able to stop easily. Also I’ve noticed my money goes a lot further (unsurprisingly!!)
I found Claire to be professional, friendly and very clear about the process and how it works!
I’ve now been smoke free for over a month! Thanks