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Stop Smoking in just 2 hours

There Has Never Been A Time Like Right Now!

It's easier than you think with Stop Smoking Mindset Hypnotherapy Gloucester.

Fed up of spending your hard earned cash on cigarettes and tobacco?

Want to be free of the chains of smoking as well as from the embarrassment and guilt you feel?

Do you envy others who enjoy the same events and experiences as you without having to kill themselves smoking?

Here's what Dan from Gloucestershire had to say about his stop smoking session "Amazing! Gave up smoking in only 1 session after 25 years of being a smoker" 

As long as you are motivated to give up smoking then I can help you to succeed.

The fact that you have found and are reading this right now shows that you have already made the decision to quit smoking. 

You don't have to keep smoking - after all you weren't born doing it! You are only born with 2 fears - the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Your habit has been created which means you can uncreate it! Find out how ...

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Claire McNulty

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stop smoking hypnosis As an experienced mind coach I am renowned for getting results. There are 3 things I ask you to do before ringing me
1. Read right to the end of this page
2. Read testimonials and watch at least 1 video on this page or here. You now know what I can do to help you achieve your goal of becoming a non smoker
3. Now you are ready to book your stop smoking session so pick up the phone and let's get the ball rolling

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POWERFUL MINDSET HYPNOSIS to Stop Smoking Easily in just ONE session Wherever you live in the world, you too can achieve success and free yourself of your smoking habit permanently using mindset stop smoking hypnosis. Everyone who consults with me finds stopping smoking easy.

Claire helps Rae feel fab again as she stops smoking and gains more energy Rae tells her story below - years of feeling out of control with smoking gone in one session. Click below to listen to her 2 minute video ...

You too can achieve success and free yourself of your smoking habit permanently using mindset stop smoking hypnosis. Just imagine feeling proud of yourself as a happy non smoker, free to spend your time and money as you choose. As long as you are ready to quit, I can help you to use your mind to stop smoking easily.

But will it work for me?
As long as you want to stop smoking then I can help you. When we chat on the phone, if I feel you are not ready I will give you some advice and ask you to call me at a later date. If you are ready to become a non smoker I will give you some words to repeat to yourself before your session. Continue reading to find out more...

Claire helps Jon from Cheltenham to stop smoking easily
"I cannot believe that after 16 attempts of stopping smoking (nicotine patches, willpower and nictotine gum) in the last 22 years I have quit smoking with 1 hypnotherapy session!! " Jon Cheltenham Read More

Claire helps Janine from London quit smoking in the comfort of her own home "I was fed up of feeling guilty about my health and spending all that money. I found Claire on the internet and after speaking to her knew she was the person to help me stop smoking. I quit smoking in my pyjamas - still cant believe it - sitting in my lounge with Skype! That day I had breakfast, then my stop smoking session and by lunchtime I was a non smoker - without leaving my home! I have more energy, I feel great and I have more money - win, win" Janine Enfield North London Read More

Like Jon, Janine and Rea, you can give up smoking easily without cravings or withdrawal symptoms with this Gloucester based therapist.

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What I do to help you stop smoking...

how to quit smoking1. I dissociate triggers from your mind using a combination of mindset coaching and clinical hypnosis.

2. I help you to reprogramme your mind and remove old barriers which have been keeping you stuck

3. I reframe your beliefs so you are happy and confident as a non smoker

Did you think – that when you had your first cigarette that you would have to continue smoking day in, day out for the rest of your life?

You don't need to smoke now and you don't need to smoke ever again. As long as you are motivated to give up smoking then I can help you to succeed. You see the fact that you have found and are reading this right now shows that you have already made the decision to quit smoking.

Claire helps Mark from Gloucester stop 35 years of smoking He tells his story below - I love the bit at the end where he thought I'd planted someone to test whether he would smoke again or not!

Yes, it really is that easy, continue reading to find out how you can quit smoking using mindset stop smoking hypnosis with no withdrawal symptoms ...

Contact award winning Hypnotherapist Claire McNulty at her Gloucestershire practice and join the many non-smokers who have been treated by her from Gloucester and throughout the UK including Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Cirencester as well as abroad. You too will find giving up smoking easy - simply pick up the phone and call 07765 182127 to book your stop smoking session

Self confessed 'heavy smoker' Dee quit smoking in one session "With Claire's help I quit there and then. I had my first ever hypnotherapy session in 1999 with Claire to stop smoking. I am now an ex-smoker and since that very first session I never had a cigarette again. I was a heavy smoker and wanted to give up smoking but was worried about nicotine withdrawal symptoms. That was the 24th November 1999. What a wonderful present to myself and a great way to start the millennium" Dee Happy Non Smoker, Gloucester Read More

So is Hypnosis the best way to stop smoking?
As stop smoking aids go, hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking. One of the largest scientific studies undertaken, combining results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people across Europe and America, confirmed that hypnosis was over 3 times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times more effective than the willpower method. In my Gloucester practice I use hypnosis along with a powerful mindset changing process which, day after day, client after successful client, proves itself to be an extremely effective quit smoking aid - have a read here to find out more

Claire helps Maria from Stroud stop smoking & save a fortune for enjoying treats "It's 6 months since Claire helped me stop smoking. The session paid for itself within a month and I've now saved over £1000! & saved myself a fortune in teeth whitening treatments!! I smell of perfume now instead of stale tobacco" Maria Stroud Read More

Why is your success rate so high?
Sometimes people contact me who have tried another quit smoking session only to have failed. What I usually discover is that their beliefs about smoking were not discussed and therefore their mindset was not changed. This is a vital component of the advanced Mindset Stop Smoking method I use. Clinical hypnotherapy is one of the most effective quit smoking methods compared to other approaches used in the UK.

Greg loves the benefits of his stop smoking hypnosis session "I had been a smoker for a long time - the NHS gave me all the usual things, nicotine patches, gum, nasal spray, inhalators etc. But nothing worked; I had one session with Claire and when I came out I was a non-smoker. I am so grateful to be able to say to people that I DON'T SMOKE, BRILLIANT. Thank you Claire" Greg Gloucester Read More

What will happen during my Stop Smoking Easily Session?

hypnotherapyDuring the first hour of your session, we remove any unhelpful thoughts about smoking. The reasons why you want to quit smoking are strengthened. Mind demonstrations follow to show you just how powerful your mind is. You discover how to stop using your mind in a negative way and start using it to achieve success - not only with stopping smoking but in other areas of your life too!
During the second hour of your session you enjoy total relaxation. It's as if all of your muscles completely melt into relaxation - a wonderfully enjoyable, calm and peaceful experience. Positive suggestions to embed the quit smoking message are spoken during relaxing hypnosis to help you stop smoking easily.

How do I book my quit smoking session?
Firstly, we will have a chat by telephone. This 'screening' process ensures that I only offer stop smoking sessions to those who really want to give up smoking. It also means that I maintain my high success rate! If I feel you are not ready I will give you some advice and ask you to call me at a later date. If you are ready to become a non smoker I will give you some words to repeat to yourself before your session.

As you can imagine sessions get booked up very quickly and I usually operate a 2/3 week waiting list. So when you're ready to stop - give me a call on 07765 182127 or 01452 750646 and we can get you booked in to my Gloucester practice or via Skype. You pay a deposit of £25 which secures your booking and pay the remaining fee on the day.

After just hours you will start to reap the benefits, see what happens to your body when you quit smoking

I look forward to helping you to become smoke free!
To your Success