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ONLINE Therapy During COVID




Online therapy for anxiety

Coronavirus and all that it brings has affected our everyday living such as supermarket trips, doctors appointments and visits to friends.
This impact on our society with everyday social distancing and self isolation has adversely affected our mental health with issues such as anxiety and depression on the increase.
Looking after our mental wellbeing is more important than ever. Human contact is so important as we are social beings. I’m only too aware of this, putting actions and strategies in place for my family and I.
With government restrictions and concerns about face to face meetings, online support is the choice for many.
Online therapy is not new and is a powerful medium for delivering therapy. I know only too well its potential and effectiveness, having clients in the USA, Dubai, Ireland and Spain. There are many benefits, in fact one of my clients recently had her session in her beautiful garden yoga room complete with fairy lights and candles – truly relaxing. One young man said he couldn’t believe how his nerves just disappeared once we started talking.

Benefits of online therapy
No need to travel
No mask wearing so ease of whole face communication
You relax in your own home without concerns of restrictions
It can often feel more comfortable to open up and disclose issues that have been holding you back
You can enjoy your therapy inside or outside – like my yoga room lady
You benefit from human contact and support, especially if you’re self isolating
Knowing you are not alone will boost your mood and well being
Using Whatsapp or Facetime video can feel like we’re in the same room
Pets are welcome! Yes you can have therapy with your dog or cat by your side

Tips for online therapy
Find a quiet place where you wont be disturbed
Make sure your mobile or pc is fully charged or use a portable charger to ensure sufficient charge during session
Put your phone on ‘Do not disturb’ mode so you’re not distracted by notifications
Get yourself comfy, kick off your shoes, slippers allowed!
Have a glass of water to hand
If others share your home, let them know you need some peace for an hour

Remember –
You are not alone
No issue is too big or too small, too silly or embarrassing, this is your time, time for you

Call me for a chat on 07765182127. I look forward to helping you. Claire