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“As always, Claire is professional, focussed and passionate. Puts you at ease and her confidence in succeeding with me made a big impact”

Coaching and training for companies, schools and therapists.

Employee motivationI offer the following programmes to companies from small family run businesses to large organisations.

These workshops range from Motivation Training and Coaching, Employee Well-being, Creating a stress free working environment and Stress Management for a Happy and Harmonious Workplace

Solutions to…

  • reduce stress
  • increase efficiency
  • reduce staff absenteeism
  • improve communication
  • identify remedies and solutions
  • gain coping mechanisms



Bespoke training programmes for employees (groups and 1:1)

Benefit from employees who are motivated and empowered.

  • increase self esteem/self worth
  • reduce conflict in the workplace
  • coping mechanisms
  • anxiety and stress
  • create an internal locus of control

Coaching for you

Perhaps as a businessperson you feel you are not reaching your full potential. Perhaps you have some limiting beliefs, fears or anxieties which are holding you back from being where you want to be. Perhaps you are self employed, ready to move to the next level, or are contemplating self employment but need to address motivation or self belief issues.

Local businessman moving into a new area of business, overcomes his fear of cold calling.

This is what he has to say about his sessions –

“Sessions were – Calming, Reassuring. Key points made during hypnosis reinforced discussion

Saw an escalating improvement week by week, made 30 cold calls in January, never before, fear of picking up the phone now much less, arranged 3 meetings with potential clients”.

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