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Want help to stop smoking?

FREE self hypnosis session when you book your Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session in March 2016

I help hundreds of people to stop smoking every year at my Gloucester practice. Most of them have had many unsuccessful attempts at quitting. Many had tried nicotine patches, and nicotine gum yet experienced nicotine withdrawal symptoms. So they called me for help to stop smoking – one session of Mindset Quit Smoking hypnosis is all they needed. You can expect the same success.

So why did they choose Mindset Stop Smoking Hypnosis to help them stop smoking?

  1. I am renowned for helping people to quit smoking after just 1  session – using a combination of mindset training & clinical hypnosis.
  2. Your Mindset Stop Smoking hypnosis session will help you to stop smoking easily and without cravings.
  3. Together you and I challenge your long held beliefs about smoking. By changing your mindset you change your habits, your actions and your future.
  4. I build your self esteem so you feel excited about life without cigarettes.
  5. I give you mindset tools you can use everyday of your life.
  6. Those living abroad who want help to stop smoking don’t have to come to my practice – we get the same success using skype

Plus I am offering you a FREE self hypnosis session at my Gloucester clinic or via Skype when you book your Mindset Stop Smoking session in March 2016

To help you get into a stop smoking mindset get your copy of 15 SOS Mind Programming Tools today and create a mindset for success & health

I cannot believe that after 16 attempts of stopping smoking (patches, willpower and gum) in the last 22 years I have quit smoking with one hypnotherapy session!!

Call me today on 07765 182127 or 01452 750646 and you can breathe easy too

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