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Mental Health matters…

6.jpgThis week is mental health awareness week, a condition that affects most families to some degree. We all know someone who suffers with anxiety, panic attacks or depression. At the extreme end a person may experience a feeling of helplessness, a feeling of being disconnected from others or may even consider suicide.

With experience of mental ill health in my own family, I am only too aware of the impact both on the individual and their families.

Remember you are not alone and help is available – speak to your friends if you are worried about yourself or a family member, your doctor can also point you in the right direction for help.

In my work as an anxiety management consultant I help people on a daily basis to overcome trauma, anxiety and panic attacks. Using mind management techniques it is possible to conquer fears and feel in control of life

Well being tips

These are just a few ways in which we can help our own mental health.

  • Have an early night! – yes sleep deprivation can lead to over tiredness and an inability to think properly
  • Take some time to get outside – walking gets you into the fresh air, even better if you can do so in the countryside
  • Take time out – just a few minutes of mindfulness will help you to focus on the present moment – it can be as simple as watching some ants, or listening to the birds or the wind rustling in the trees
  • Get perspective – stand back from your problems for a few moments as if you’re viewing them from outside of yourself – is the house going to fall down? Is anyone going to lose their job/die?
  • Make room in your life for laughter – watch a DVD or a funny programme – Mrs Brown always does it for me! Spend some time with a friend and have a good laugh

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week 11th – 17th May 2015 I am offering an Earlybird of £145 off my Anxiety Management Programme.This highly successful programme is usually £595 – for bookings made before 31st May the fee is only £450!

Have a great week!
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