Gloucestershire Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Confidence Success

I am now living my life instead of just existing…  People around me have noticed a big difference in me. I am confident and able to go about daily tasks without feeling panicky and stressed. I now go out without worrying beforehand and enjoy my days. I have more energy and am proactive in every way. I am now living my life instead of just existing!

Pam, 36 

More confidence, more energy, sleep better and enjoying myself so much more…  Sessions were really empowering. I enjoyed every bit. They went so quickly. I always left feeling great! So many things have changed already. My confidence is soaring, i feel able to fill my day so much more productively, more energy, sleep better and enjoying myself so much more than before.

Kim, 53

Changed completely within a matter of weeks…  The sessions were really enjoyable and I’ve changed my thought process completely within a matter of weeks. I have much more confidence, can walk into a pub or swimming pool without getting anxious and I can drive anywhere without fear of failure. I can’t believe how easy the whole course has been. Claire has been a great teacher. Thank you

Now that I know and understand how my mind works I feel more confident and more in control. No-one’s ever shown me that before

Gillian, Churchdown

Lisa is thrilled with her results

Big thank you for helping us! always makes you feel positive and focused. Amazing lady who does such a wonderful job! highly recommended.

Lifechanging…   I really enjoyed the sessions and loved Claire’s examples and visuals used. This course has completely changed my life, more than I ever thought it would. I feel confident in everything I do. My glass is definitely half full now! My social anxiety and self esteem were both holding me back. Since starting the sessions I have spoken to a crowd of people and gone swimming with a friend – all things I would have dreaded doing before. I now do these things without a negative thought or worrying about what people think about me.

This has really changed my life. I feel great all down to Claire’s help and my determination to change the way I think. I also struggled with my eating and could eat all day and never feel really satisfied or full, so would eat more. I used to eat at least 2 packets of crisps and a bar of chocolate a day. Now when I want chocolate I only eat one piece not the whole bar without even thinking about it. I really enjoyed the sessions and I always left my sessions feeling happy and positive. I would definitely recommend Claire.”

Jane, Stroud

The treatment has made a huge difference to my life…. Not at all what I expected’ said this 57 year old Manager from Stroud.

This treatment has made a huge difference to my life. My mind is peaceful and not stuck in a loop of self loathing. Not at all what I was expecting. The sessions have made me feel in control of my life. I enjoyed discussing personal things (which I usually never do with anyone) in a frank and supportive way. I now have control of my life – its great!

Mind training for Confidence and self esteem… I found the sessions very relaxing and felt secure and empowered afterwards. I have renewed confidence and self esteem. Claire is a very calm individual and a great listener – I felt very safe in her care. And she has made me realise I have the skills to change my life.      Alison, 40

Wendy calls her therapy ‘Life Changing’

‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’ words from a once famous song, that’s just how it is for me now. Claire has helped me understand why I did what I did. I really think that this has been life changing for me. I feel more empowered, confident and at ease with myself than I have done for years. I only wish this course had been available for me to do 30 years ago, I would be very different if it had been! I’m not shy anymore and I like who I am!

After the first session was over I came away thinking ‘what a lovely friendly lady Claire is’, she puts you at ease and encourages you to talk openly about things that maybe you didn’t mean to reveal. That was good for me. Claire has a soothing voice and made me feel like I was safe and understood. I am so glad I came to see Claire, she was very professional and good at her job! It’s as if I’m talking to a good friend who’s known me for years and understands the person I was, I have been, and am now.

Wendy, 51, Administrator

Craig’s sceptism turned to success
Having come into the sessions feeling a bit skeptical about what benefit they would be to me, I was pleased at how they went and what I learned through them. There was a good mix of theoretical and practical information that I could put into use straight away and I felt at ease talking to Claire about my issues.

I feel much more in control of my thoughts and emotions now. I’m not as hard on myself as I was previously and I can accept any negative experiences much more freely without them impacting on my life for a long period of time. 

I’d like to add that Claire is as friendly & welcoming as she is professional alleviating any anxieties you had about receiving treatment.


Local business man moving into a new area of business, overcomes his fear of cold calling.

Sessions were calming and reassuring. Key points made during hypnosis were reinforced during discussion. Saw an escalating improvement week by week, made 30 cold calls in January – never before, fear of picking up the phone now much less, arranged 3 meetings with potential clients.

As always, Claire is professional, focussed and passionate. Puts you at ease and her confidence in succeeding with me made a big impact.

Professional seeks help for public speaking and overcomes social situations and much more…

The sessions with Claire were a real pleasure. Each session flowed and was based on work we had undertaken the previous week. I enjoyed Claire’s clarity of explanation and challenge to me on my thoughts and language.

The course has logically explained why I had avoided public speaking and engaging in some professional situations. I feel I now have the understanding and tools to change my thinking which I have already started to do. My life is enhanced because I know so much more about “me” and my positive approach is making me feel great.

The sessions were fab. Although I came specifically to address public speaking, I gained a wider understanding of my personality type and my definite unhelpful thinking styles which I am now challenging. Claire was engaging and will be missed.

Stephen is now in control of his life

The sessions were very enjoyable. I felt relaxed and at ease. As the sessions progressed I started to understand more and more how I can take control of my life and not let it control me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Claire and will definitely return for (as I call it) a top up session in the future

I feel a lot more confident in day to day life. I am not afraid to speak out in group situations any more. The whole experience has made me a lot happier than I was. I am looking forward to the future now and how I can influence what direction my life takes.

Claire is a fantastic therapist and is very knowledgeable about how we influence our life and shape our future. She makes you understand that life can be exactly what you want it to be. Thank you very much Claire for everything.

Stephen, 44, technical author, Gloucester

Tracy is excited about her new way of thinking

I have to say this opened my mind and thought process to a whole  new level, I am very excited at my new view on life whether challenging or fulfilling, this is due to now understanding that I now have a lot more control in my daily experiences due to the way I think about things. This is a programme to really enjoy and progress with in your life experiences. Many Thanks to Claire for helping to see things a lot clearer.

Tracy, 46, Gloucester