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At last a solution for Emetophobia…

Emetophobia, the fear of being sick, although hardly ever heard of, is in fact very common with approximately 3million sufferers in the UK alone. Often when people consult me for help, they have tried just about everything to rid themselves of this debilitating fear.
Lauren’s emetophobia was so bad that she couldn’t even take her little boy out – in just a few weeks all that has changed…

What makes this different to other phobias? – the sufferer will rarely tell anyone about it.

For a start, sufferers feel very silly and even a little embarrassed about their phobia. Look at the testimonials to the right of this page and you will read how a young lady finally plucked up the courage to seek her doctors advice only to be laughed at, which left her even more embarrassed about her phobia. Thankfully she continued to search for help and contacted me. Following some sessions at my practice she is now far more in control of her phobia and is able to enjoy her life without constantly worrying.So if you, or someone you know, is suffering unnecessarily with this phobia – rest assured – now there is a solution. Just read on… 

Some interesting facts on Emetophobia…

  1. This is also known as Vomit Phobia, Fear of being sick, Fear of Gagging, Sickness Phobia
  2. Most sufferers are female, in fact only approximately 10% are male.
  3. Sometimes emetophobes are incorrectly diagnosed as being anorexic however their refusal to eat has little to do with losing weight but a lot to do with their fear of being sick.
  4. Sufferers may avoid alcohol, crowds, parties or anywhere where they think they may be sick or encounter someone else vomiting.
  5. Often they worry about hygiene paying great attention to cleanliness and perhaps avoiding work when a colleague has been ill.
  6. Sufferers may avoid or delay becoming pregnant due to the worry of morning sickness
  7. People with this phobia spend a lot of time worrying about their phobia. Much of their time is spent attempting to control their lives so as to minimise the risk of being sick or seeing others being sick. Sometimes this will involve not leaving their home as they cannot control what might happen if they do.

So how much do you know about Emetophobia – take the quiz below and test your knowledge!…

What treatment is available for Emetophobia?

There is very little research about this phobia and the studies that have been undertaken have mainly had very few participants. Generally emetophobia is considered difficult to treat.

Treatments such as Exposure Therapy are not very helpful as being exposed to vomit is an emetophobe’s worst nightmare. You can imagine the panic and anxiety that would ensue. Although people can be helped by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) often this treatment has proved ineffective and doesn’t tend to decrease symptoms.

The methods I use such as The Thrive Programme for Emetophobia has shown spectacular results. In a recent survey ALL 62 participants reported improvements in their symptoms.

Have a read of the survey here

Why is the therapy I use so successful in treating Emetophobia?Emetophobia book

During your sessions we address your primary limiting beliefs. We also look at self esteem, social anxiety, locus of control and your thinking styles. Knowledge is power and with your newfound knowledge you are then empowered to use the skills and resources I teach you to help you overcome your phobia. You will also have a Workbook which you will use in the sessions and in between sessions.

Look at the column to the right of this page where you will read about a young lady who had been ‘suffering’ from emetophobia for many years.  Her life was limited as she was afraid to drive long distances or on motorways in case she felt sick. Using the Thrive programme she completely changed her life and even went on to set up her own business, travelling miles to attend business meetings!

The sessions are undertaken in calm confidential surroundings where the sufferer can feel relaxed and at ease, free of any fear of being judged. .

Now you really can free yourself of your emetophobia. Having helped numerous sufferers I know only too well the effect this debilitating phobia can have.

For more information or to book a complimentary telephone or 1:1 consultation simply give me a call on 07765 182127.

I look forward to helping you


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