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5 habits of people who lose weight without dieting


1 eat consciously and awarely with no distractions

Turn the television off, set the table with placemats, a pretty tablecloth, nice cutlery. Then set the scene, light candles and make your meal into an event. Enjoy your food and savour every mouthful.

2 Be aware of the hunger signal

Make sure you don’t confuse thirst for hunger. This can cause you to eat when your body is crying out for water. Listen to the signals. You can become adept at this and train your mind to only eat when you are actually hungry.

3 No deprivation

I show my clients how to think like a slim person so they lose weight without depriving themselves. If you want chocolate – have chocolate – depriving yourself will only mean you think about it constantly and feel you’re missing out. When you use your mind to your advantage you can still enjoy your treats – just less of them – its all about seeing the bigger picture. See more

4 Forget the scales

Do you find yourself jumping on and off the scales several times a day? You don’t need your scales to tell you how you feel about how you look. So forget the scales for a few weeks and focus on your body instead. Notice how much better your jeans fit after a few days of moving more or reducing your evening snacking.

5 Move more

No you don’t need to don any lycra (unless you particularly choose to!), you don’t even need to join a gym. Some fast paced walking 3 or 4 times per week will help you to shift unwanted fat, tone up and feel good about yourself.

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